Onassis Cultural Center

Having opened its doors in 2010, Onassis Cultural Center is a true gem of architecture and contemporary style in the heart of Athens. Apart from the ample spaces filled with natural sunlight where exhibitions take place, this foundation aims at supporting Greek artists in multiple ways. So this is an impressive structure that holds together the genuine meaning of Greek culture, in constant search of developing the arts even further. 
Its spaces reach 18,000 square meters and it stands tall on Syggrou Avenue. It is easily accessible and it welcomes all visitors to a journey of the senses, in a world where art is celebrated magnificently. In the premises, there are facilities enabling the hosts to organize theatrical performances and concerts, conferences and all kinds of events. Of course, Aristotle Onassis has left his mark throughout the cultural center. 
The whole family of Onassis is honored with special halls bearing their names. A rich program is held on an annual basis, with impressive exhibitions and performances shining along with the glamorous interior of Onassis Cultural Center. 
Whether you are art aficionados or fans of contemporary design, a visit to Onassis Cultural Center is always packed with surprises and exquisite delights.

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