Plaka in Athens

One of Athens’ most interesting sides is revealed in Plaka. You may decide to spend your day there or combine it with the walk in the unified archaeological sites. It lies under the Rock of Acropolis and is the city’s most picturesque corner. A walk in Plaka is one of the most popular outings of today’s Athenians, especially on Sunday mornings, helping them to maintain a balance in the busy life of the capital. An escape to older times, when life was much simpler.
Plaka is full of neoclassical buildings and buildings from previous centuries, creating the sense of a village in the heart of the city. In its most busy streets, Adrianou, Pandrosou, Kydathinaeon, but in the other small streets as well, you will be impressed by the multicolored mosaic of people and small and bigger stores, where you will find from souvenirs, small marble statuettes, and handmade leather sandals, to jewelry, cosmetics and clothes. In between, small coffee shops, taverns and restaurants with typical Greek dishes, or with more advanced tastes, will provide the ideal setting for a   refreshment or a bite to eat.
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