Hera Boutique Hotel in Athens
info on Mykonos island in Greece
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Why Hera Hotel
The Definition of Boutique Hotels
All boutique hotels are typically small in size, since their rooms cannot go over 100 in total. Still, they provide premium luxury services to all their guests. In the heart of Athens, a boutique hotel is always welcome. After all, the exquisite architecture of the centre of the capital offers the chance to the boutique hotels to bring out their most enchanting character. Neoclassical touches of elegance and style are blended harmoniously with the modern conveniences and the stylish details that will steal your heart away. Marble and wood, white and vibrant colours are combined towards providing you with pure lavishness.

Hera Hotel is one of the very few boutique hotels so close to the Acropolis and the rest of the prominent archaeological wonders nearby and its superb location will captivate you. It comprises 38 rooms, which all include luxury services and amenities that will make your stay there grandiose and perfectly rejuvenating. Reviving the amazing past of Athens, Hera Hotel is able to provide you with the ultimate decoration of a romantic and fascinating era.
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