Hera Hotel

Located right in the heart of Athens, Hera Hotel encompasses all the main principles of a boutique hotel and maintains the highest standards in personalized service.

Travelers seeking to explore Athens will find a family-run business that offers a cozy and friendly environment, just a stone’s throw from the emblematic Parthenon and the modern Acropolis Museum. 
Boasting its impressive accessibility to all the major sights and attractions of the city center, Hera Hotel allows guests to experience genuine Athenian hospitality at its finest and indulge in a splendid vacation.

Our modern rooms and suites cover the accommodation needs and desires of even the most discerning guests, while within the hotel you will find conference facilities and a restaurant that offers a wide array of culinary delights.
Stroll up and down the cobbled pathways of Plaka depicting a romantic era and discover the antiquities that have shaped history over the centuries. Experience Athens from the most privileged spot of the city, Hera Hotel!
Falirou 9, 11742, Acropoli, Athens, Greece
Τ: +30-210-9236682, +30-210-9235618
F : +30-210-9238269, E-mail:info@herahotel.gr
Business number: MHTE 0206Κ014Α001400
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